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Wateroak Farm | Dairy Goat Haven | Texas
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Drought affecting WaterOak Farm also.  Herd size reduced from 200 to50. 

We are enjoying our new refrigerated delivery truck, an Isuzu NPR with a 12' box.

Latest statistics: kidding average up to 2.3

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Wateroak Farms Goat CheeseWateroak Farm produces a whole milk ricotta cheese that is a semi-soft, mild flavored cheese that complements many dishes. It goes well in Italian cuisine and can be substituted for cottage cheese in many recipes. It can be crumbled over salads, baked potatoes or pizza. It can also be sliced with a wire cutter and used in hors d’oeuvres.

The cheese comes in three flavors. Plain, Garlic & Herb and Jalapeno Pepper. It comes packaged in approximately ½ pound retail packages or we have larger 2-pound packages for our bulk customers. Currently, the cheese is being used by 4 of the top ten dinner restaurants in Austin, Texas for entrees. For recipe ideas, see our recipe page. Feel free to e-mail us your own recipes!

Wateroak Farms Goat Cheese


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