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Wateroak Farm | Dairy Goat Haven | Texas
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Drought affecting WaterOak Farm also.  Herd size reduced from 200 to50. 

We are enjoying our new refrigerated delivery truck, an Isuzu NPR with a 12' box.

Latest statistics: kidding average up to 2.3

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Welcome to Wateroak Farm

Burrow FamilyWaterOak Farm, owned and operated by Mark and Pam Burow, has been in business since 1998. Their farm is a State of Texas licensed and inspected Dairy Goat facility for producing Cheeses and Raw Milk. They are nestled in the woods of Jack Rabbit Lane on the South end of Robertson County, Texas.

The Burows began raising Dairy Goats to supply fresh milk for the family. The herd started off with the purchase of two does and three kids. Soon the herd had grown to around fifty goats and they recognized that the girls would have to start earning their keep. So, a dairy facility was built and licensed to legally sell dairy products. The herd now numbers around sixty, that includes over twenty babies from this seasons kidding.

Currently twenty-four does are being milked. The goats browse on the native brush and are only fed a grain supplement twice a day at milking time. The goats are mostly Nubian and Nubian crosses. Once a year the goats are tested in order to qualify as a State Certified tuberculosis and brucellosis free herd.

The farm sells fresh, Raw Dairy Goat Milk (fluid & frozen), Yogurt, Feta, Chevre, and a Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese in Plain and 13 flavors including Garlic & Herb, Tomato/Basil/Garlic and Jalapeno. The Burow’s goal is to provide natural, wholesome, great tasting products for their customers.


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